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Dealing with File Cabinet Lock Issues

10/20/2015 Back To Blog

Even though we are in the digital age, most companies still use specially designed cabinets to hold paper files. They are big, strong and reliable. They are usually secured with one or more door locks as well. These devices are very basic, but this does not mean that they cannot give you a hard time. Find out how to troubleshoot them without putting the whole file cabinet and the documents inside it at risk.

Proper Lock Repair for Smooth Performance

Dealing with File Cabinet Lock IssuesYou have noticed that over time, the lock of the file cabinet has gotten sticky. The key is hard to turn in either direction and you have to apply a considerable amount of force to work with it. The most common cause of this problem is dryness. The lock should be carefully cleaned and lubricated.

It is important for the lubricant to be specially designed for locking devices. The products based on graphite powder are completely safe in addition to being potent and lasting. Only a small amount of the lubricant should be applied to file cabinet locks. Place the nozzle inside the keyway and squeeze a bit. Wipe any excess lubricant. For best results, the key-blade should be covered with a thin layer of the lubricant and turned inside the keyway several times. This helps to spread the compound perfectly.

It is not uncommon for people to get their office keys broken inside locks. The locking devices of file cabinets are particularly vulnerable as they are intensively used while having a very basic mechanism. When you push the bow of the key a bit too hard, it can easily snap inside the keyway. In this situation, the professionals of Locksmith Franklin Park recommend the replacement of the entire lock. This is the best solution since the broken blade usually causes a lot of damage which is practically unfixable. Besides, a new lock which is stronger and more advanced will make the cabinet even more secure.

Bent lock clip is another issue which requires immediate action on your part. This typically makes it impossible for the cabinet to be locked. Depending on the make and condition of the clip, it may be possible for it to be straightened. If this is not an option, the clip has to be replaced with a new one of the same size and design. You can readily consider changing the entire lockset for maximizing security and reducing the risk of issues to the minimum. Choose the replacement lock carefully. Ensure that it is of high quality.

Finally, you must not ignore rust affecting the lockset and the surrounding area. Use the mildest rust remover to get rid of it. If the lock has begun to corrode, it should be changed right away for preventing greater trouble.

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