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Are you eager to learn more on various topics in the locksmith field? If this is the case, you will find this FAQ page to be an invaluable source of information. It providers thorough answers to various questions on door locksets and keys which are of great interest to everyone.

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Do digital locks only work with codes?

There are variations among digital locks but many of them don't only work with codes. You can enter the code but also use a fob, cell or a regular key. This way, obtain many ways to enter your home and house lockouts are almost out of the question. In case you forget everything, our technicians can open the door.

What precautionary measures can I take for increased security?

Precautions depend on the size and type of your property. If you live in an apartment with only one door and window, reinforce these two entry points. If living in a single family house, apart from getting security door locks and the right window locks, it's best to secure the perimeter, too.

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