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Ideal Security Locks for Homes with Children

01/11/2017 Back To Blog

If you have children or vulnerable people around the house, the locks you chose can play a huge role in caring for them as safely as possible. Here we talk about 3 of the most useful high security door locks that could prove beneficial in such circumstances. Each has its advantages in terms of control, safety and daily functionality.Ideal Security Locks for Homes with Children

1. Home Auto Locks

Electrical auto locks can controlled from consoles that can be placed high up on walls, out of the reach of children. It also means no keys, which can be lifted and taken from the known key pots around the house. You will likely need the help of a locksmith from a locksmith services company to install the equipment, but once it's fitted can prove an invaluable asset to your home. Electrical locks can be fitted to all openings including, doors, windows, containers and cabinets. It can be a great means to control window usage without adding to the pile of keys that you might already have, it can be quite a common and frustrating occurrence for small window keys to go missing. With an electrical lock you eliminate this risk entirely.     

2. High Quality Cylinder Locks

Cylinder locks are strong and very hard to pick. Modern designs are built to be very compact, this makes it very hard to squeeze objects and fingers into their tight key slot. They are commonly built into the handles of UPVC doors and windows as their design fits perfectly with the rotation involved. One of the great advantages of cylinder locks is their contained structure. They are relatively easy to repair compared to locks that are built into the structure of the door. If you expect your door handles and doors to take a lot of punishment from aggressive use, having locks that are easier for a professional to quickly repair can be crucial. The entire cylinder can be disassembled and replaced efficiently if the bolts are snapped or the lock fails in any way.   

3. Master Lock System

Master locks enable you to have one key that unlocks a series of different locks. The keys have to be cut expertly and the right locks adjusted precisely of the system to work perfectly. It is a fantastic concept if you want a backup means to enter every door within the building, or if you just want to limit your key set as much as possible.

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